Beverley Walters (Left)

Beverley Walters (Left)

I was born and raised in South East London with my loving mother, my twin and four other sisters.

When I was young, I remember how my mother was obsessed with making sure ‘her girls’ always looked the smartest in the 70’s, with our very well ironed pleated skirts and high knee socks and big buckled shoes.

Then, all of a sudden at the age of 14, I lost my mother and life was never the same. Although to this day now, I always remember how my mother was always well presented; she took pride in her appearance. 

She dressed us with love, always paying attention to detail in the latest glamorous trends even though at times it wasn’t possible due to financial position and she would find ways to craft an outfit so we felt confident and beautiful. A graceful woman who devoted her life to her family; she promoted natural beauty, oozed confidence and used clothes as a form of expression. 

I took the grace, caring nature and passion for fashion that my mother instilled in me and decided to start my own label, where I handpick only the best and introduce classic garments to make you feel empowered, strong and take on the world with a smile.


Evening Elegance and Occasional Chic with a Touch of Class.

Beverley Walters UK

Even though I love dressing up, my life didn’t lead into the fashion industry but after leaving school I started working in healthcare and caring for others. You could say my mother’s traits of caring for others carried through to her children, although some would say I dress like I'm walking on the runway everyday (as my colleagues at work comment almost every day). 

Fashion is strongly apart of my identity, although through my work, I understand not everyone feels confident when they walk out the door - women suffer from low self-esteem and it cripples their minds to the point it negatively affects the choices they make and their life. And I believe strong female role models, like my mother, are rare, especially in fashion but they are critical to the positive development of womanhood. As a result, after many years of caring for others in healthcare, I knew I needed to take action to follow my lifelong passion and dedicate a new chapter of my life to ensuring all women can look and feel as beautiful, without burning a hole in their pockets. 

Other than my mother, my icon is Victoria Beckham; I admire her classic and chic garments as I believe that every woman should be able to look and feel their best no matter their background, bank balance or situation in life.

That's why I handpick the best pieces from emerging designers in Britain and the collection is for the modern day woman yearning for classic, stylish, sexy, sleek and suave occasional/evening fashion that's not on the high street.